About us

Our story

The idea for my formation came about after the birth of my first child.
I was looking for postpartum products that offered me support but were still gentle on my healing body.
I couldn't find exactly what I was looking for and I saw a huge gap in the market that I felt needed to be filled, not only for myself, but for all the other new mother's finding it hard to navigate the postpartum period.
I started creating and designing and from there produced many many samples and did many months of trialling and testing on real postpartum women until getting the perfect product.
I want women to be comfortable and supported during their postpartum journey and not solely focused on "snapping back"
There is already so much pressure placed upon us as new mothers, and I don't think there should be any added pressure about how we look or how quickly we do or don't "bounce back"
I am hugely passionate about women's postpartum needs and I strongly believe a gentle recovery is the best recovery.  
I'm so glad I'm able to offer women products that are designed with the focus being a comfortable and gentle recovery.

When you purchase something from my formation, you're buying something designed by a mum who truly gets it.
I hope you love what I've created as much as I do 



  Why choose my formation?


Our postpartum support products will give you a good amount of compression but wont squeeze the living daylight out of you. You just went through 9 months of pregnancy and gave birth, be kind to yourself mama. 

Our products aren't designed to be shapewear, they don't squeeze you in for you to look better, our products are designed to keep your swollen tummy supported and in place while your body heals and your uterus gets back to its normal size.


  Science behind the support


Compression helps to alleviate swelling by applying pressure to a specific area.
We have designed our products with the perfect amount of compression so that you’re able to wear them straight after birth without overwhelming your sensitive womb.
During pregnancy your posture changes due to the weight in your abdomen,
Wearing postpartum support products can help ease back pain after birth, and help achieve better posture after pregnancy.