Spritz My Vajitz

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This soothing perineal spritz by the Babe Squad is a must after birth
A cooling blend of aloe vera and cucumber juices instantly calms discomfort caused by perineum tears and swelling.
These soothing juices are mingled with gentle Australian nerolina and rosalina to keep perineum stitches fresh and clean. 
Super easy to use, just give a gentle shake and gently mist, holding roughly 20cm away, on the perineum after a shower or bath.
Keep refrigerated for extra cooling goodness.
Spritz My Vajitz comes in a 60ml recyclable plastic bottle with fine mist nozzle. That equals 350 sprays per bottle, yup we counted! 
You can take this spray with you wherever you go so you can always feel soothed and comfortable. 

What makes this perineal spray so amazing?

  • Aloe Vera: full of vitamin C and loved by skin for its hydrating and cooling properties 
  • Cucumber liquid extract: Soothing and cleansing, rich in Vitamin B5 to promote healthy skin. 
  • Australian Rosalina essential oil: used and loved for its calming and relaxing properties
  • Australian Nerolina essential oil: celebrated for its powerful ability to kill bacteria and reduce inflammation
  • Patchouli essential oil: known as the other 'Liquid Gold', said to fight bacteria, infection and inflammation, while promoting calm and relaxation.
  • Rose essential oil: famous for its romantically sweet & grounding perfume