Partum Panties Disposable Underwear L-XL

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Partum Panties are great following the birth of your baby in your postpartum recovery.
Partum Panties have been designed by a registered midwife who recognized one of the many challenges new mums face, is feeling comfortable with the right underwear. Women want to focus on their new baby and not have to worry about their heavy bleeding or the feeling of discomfort from bulky maternity pads and underwear.
Partum Panties are the original disposable postpartum underwear and by far the very best.
These pair perfectly with our postnatal support underwear, so you can recover as comfortably as possible.
Partum Panties can also be used during menstruation.
For menstruation you can wear Partum Panties overnight for those heavy nights or wear Partum Panties for those slight leaks in your postpartum recovery.

Fits an average women's size of 14 -18 and a waist of 100-140cm