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Have you heard of Chiropractic care during the pregnancy and postpartum period?

Pregnancy is a big transition for everyone.
It can reflect the dual effects of increasing mechanical load as well as hormonal modulation to supporting soft tissues.
Some research has indicated a wide range of benefits to having Chiropractic Care during pregnancy.
This includes:
Reduced back pain during pregnancy
Reduced pain during labour
Reduced labour times

As a mother herself Dr Amy Norman has a deep understanding of how a women's body changes during the pregnancy and postpartum period.
Dr Amy has a special interest in Pregnancy and postpartum care, Paediatric care and assisting young families. Whether it is your baby that is constipated or gassy needing gentle chiropractic care, or hip and upper back/ lower back pain during pregnancy and postpartum she would love to help you!

Dr Amy has an amazing instagram account where she uploads helpful tips and tricks, informative videos and humorous relatable content.
You'll find yourself scrolling through her page and saving her posts for future reference. 
You can follow her over at @dramynorman

You can visit Dr Amy at her practice 
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